Top 5 Escorts in North Goa (January – July, 2016)

North Goa has emerged as the hottest place when it comes to hiring an escort in India. These seductive girls with their sexual prowess, are the hottest sensation in North Goa at the moment. Let us take a look at the busiest North Goa escorts from January 2016 to July 2016:-

  1. Aadhya, Works at the Green Valley Goa Escort Agency

Aadhya is the most sought after Indian escort in all of Goa. She is an Indian from Zimbabwe and has been working with Green Valley Goa Escort Agency for the past 11 months. Along with being so pretty, Aadhya is very sensible and intelligent as well. She never worked as an escort before joining the Green Valley Goa Escort Service.

  1. Nazanin, Works at the Green Valley Goa Escort Agency

We think the beautiful state of Goa has got bored of its lovely Foreign escorts for a while as the two hottest sensations in the industry are both Indians. Goa is popular for its superfine Russian and Latin escorts but the Indians are ruling the charts at the moment and Nazanin is the living proof of why is it so. This curvy beauty is originally from the Lucknow city and is most popular with the Middle Eastern clients who visit North Goa.

  1. Sol, Works at Green Valley Goa Escort Agency

Sol is as curvy as it comes. Sol is originally from Colombia and has been working at Green Valley Goa Escort Agency for over 2 years. While she is not busy serving a gentleman as an escort, she is managing her little shack in Panaji with her boyfriend.

  1. Katarina, Works at Green Valley Goa Escort Agency

Tourists that visit Goa at least once a year do not come only to relax at the beautiful beaches here. Their first priority is spending the nights with the first class Russian girls which only Goa is able to provide. You can’t find such sophisticated and beautiful Russian girls even in Moscow and we need not say anything more as we believe you are already checking the pictures of fit Russian girl in Goa that goes by the name Katarina.

  1. Vika, Works at Green Valley Goa Escort Agency

They are not wrong when they say “When you are young, you like them older and when you are old, you like them younger.”

Vika is one of the youngest Russian escorts in Goa and she is most popular with the men with deep voices. We presume that those gentlemen are either middle-aged or have passed that phase already, whatever the case may be, Vika is slim, fit, young, very enthusiastic and available for almost all sort of services at a great price in North Goa.